Multiple platforms

Your practice goes wherever you do. Don’t be limited by your workspace to handle important cases. LegalClock works across a variety of platforms, giving you the ease to do more no matter where you go and which device you use. Practice perfected.


LegalClock is more than just a clock. It allows you to record and manage every little detail about a case. From recording case related expenses and documents to tracking employee action on a particular matter, micromanage better with LegalClock.

One Size Fits All

Who says one size cannot fit all? Whether you are a single attorney law practice, a small team of lawyers or a multi-staff full service law firm, LegalClock can handle all kinds of work loads with ease. So when you grow, LegalClock grows with you.

Practice Management Simplified

With some of the most handy tools you need to simplify your practice, LegalClock helps you enhance every minute of your work hours.

  • Firm Feed

    The Firm Feed allows you to stay up-to-date about the changes to a case in a single glimpse.
  • Keep time instantly

    One touch timer to help you track every minute you work on a case. Add, view and edit multiple timers for each matter and record details to keep your time accounted.
  • Generate Reports on the go

    Generate customized reports for tracking specific matter, expenses and user action on a case.
  • Upload and Share Documents

    You can upload and share documents and files to each case you are working on. Work as a team even from different places.

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LegalClock is a multi-platform online practice management tool that lets lawyers make the most of technology to enhance their efficiency. Keep time, track changes to a case, record expenses, upload documents and access everything that has to do with a case in a single place. Try our free demo and get going today! Contact us for inquiries.


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